Please find our entrance on the NORTH side of the building under the blue awning.


Your kind words mean the world to us, and we’re so thankful that you’ve taken the time to provide us with feedback.

We’re dedicated to you and your pet.

We know you have a lot of choices when choosing the best Brighton, CO veterinary hospital, and we’re happy that you’ve decided to join the Wildflower Veterinary Hospital family. Your kind words and feedback help us continue to provide over-the-top service to you and your pet. If you enjoyed your visit, please use the buttons below to leave us a five-star review on Google or Facebook.

My daughter’s cat, Shadow, didn’t want to get in her cat carrier. I didn’t know what to do?? Janie gave me some ideas and I finally got Shadow in her carrier! The staff at Wildflower were Awesome!!


Everyone was very kind and professional, and made sure I was well informed to make the best decisions on my pets care. I felt my dog was in great hands. Thank you all!

Wildflower presented me with the options to treat our puppy and said what they thought would be best for our little guy! I was so worried about him but Wildflower treated him like their own and updated us every step of the way! Would highly recommend.


You are doing everything right! Friendly, spotlessly clean, sending out labs, great knowledge of breeds.
Barb S.

Everyone has been so nice and cares about my dog. We saw Dr. Peterson on our last visit and she knew the background on my dogs needs. I recommend this vets office to anyone that wants the best care for their fur babies! Glad they opened in Brighton!!
Kay H.

I moved to Brighton about four months ago and brought my sweet dog, Sunny, with me. She is 8 years old, and like every pet owner, she is my world. The staff helped me establish her as a new patient and helped with every question and concern I had for her.

Rachel F.

In all my years caring for cats I have never had such a calm and pleasant vet visit. The vet sat on the floor with my cat and allowed her to snuggle in her lap for the exam. Which was very out of character for my cat, who only likes me.
Jessi S.

Lily & I were treated like we mattered! The entire staff were amazing; friendly, compassionate, and offering prompt service. They even followed up w/ a friendly text the next day. Wildflower is the best veterinary clinic in Brighton!!

I am very happy that I decided to take my dog into Wildflower. It was the nicest vet hospital I have been to and was very clean. Staff was super nice and gentle with my dog. I am relieved I have somewhere to go now that I trust and is close to me.
Ashley H.

Wildflower is amazing. Osiris doesn’t let anyone touch him because he is so nervous. The vet and tech made him feel safe enough to be pet. Thank you so much. You guys are magic!
Anne M.

The vet and her techs. were very nice and even welcomed us with a sign with our dogs name on it. We look forward to a long relationship with this vet!
Tim and Janel L.

Very clean and caring environment. The staff and Veterinarian were very friendly and knowledgeable. I have found the perfect place to take my Bailey.
Linda L.

This was our 1st experience as we were looking for a new vet. It happened that we had a minor emergency and they worked us in and were super caring. Texted later to see how our pooch was doing!
David M.

They were able to give my extremely anxious dog all her shots and get a blood draw, Things other vets have failed to do.
Tara B.

Very friendly staff, super quick visit! Love this place.
Calista M.

My pet & I had a very positive experience at Wildflower Vet. Jake is a Pomeranian, a breed that is usually very nervous around strangers. He did extremely well even tho his treatment was in a VERY sensitive area for a male dog.
Jeanette R.

We were looking for a new Vet that could see us in a reasonable amount of time, and also that was closer to us. We have found our new Vet and could not be happier with the care and concern both of our dogs received.
Kim R.

The staff met with us promptly. Wildflower was recommended by a co-worker. They got us in the same day I called. They listened to the immediate concerns and evaluated Stewart. Gave us a plan to proceed and where to go if that doesn’t work.
Lisa M.

We loved the comfort and time spent with us and Baxter.
Carolyn F.

Took my dogs for their check-up and shots. The staff was very friendly and professional. They did a great job.

Rose G.

Amazing service and great prices.
Dorothy R.

Stress free. Prompt. Affordable. Questions answered and online resource shown.

The vet was super friendly and loving towards our dog, and spoke in easy to understand terms.

We came from a small town and struggled to find a vet that seemed to care. These ladies went above and beyond making sure I was understanding and we were comfortable.

Brittnay S.

Amazing service. I love the texts messages checking in our guy. The extra attention to detail regarding the allergies Our English bulldog has dealt with. Definitely 100% recommend.

Wildflower Veterinary Hospital blew me away. They went above and beyond to get us in and took fantastic care of my cat! Wildflower stands out for their fantastic service, clean & convenient facility, reasonable pricing, and thorough examination.
Sadie H.

Kelly McGuire is everything you want a Veterinarian to be. Someone who cares about the animals in her charge first. Her compassion and knowledge go hand in hand in how she cares for her clients. There is no one else we trust more or would take our furry family to.

Michael & Dafna

(Pets: Juliet and Isabel)

Dr. McGuire has consistently provided an outstanding level of care for all of our pets throughout their lives. She combines excellent diagnostic and technical skills with a kind bedside manner that has put our pets, and us, at ease even during stressful situations. I particularly appreciate her willingness to work with us to employ creative and cost-sensitive treatment solutions for long-term health issues. It can be challenging to find a vet that successfully navigates the balance between outstanding care, sensitivity to budgets, and respectful handling of animals (and their humans!), and yet Dr. McGuire successfully manages this feat. Pets and their owners are very lucky to have access to her services!


What do you do when you have a lovable, “get into everything” Great Dane puppy? You thank your lucky stars you found Dr. Kelly McGuire! She is so knowledgeable, straightforward and such a joy to work with when dealing with everything from multiple puppy mishaps, to quickly diagnosing my older dog‘s rare cancer that she caught early. Dr. McGuire truly helped my dogs have healthy and joyful lives. She is the best vet we’ve ever had!
Shelly D.

Dr. McGuire is the best vet I’ve found yet! She has been so gracious and wonderful over the years in working with me and my dogs. I currently have a “project dog” with a lot of anxiety and health issues and Dr. McGuire has been there every step of the way for us. She is extremely knowledgeable and catches things that other vets have missed. She has been our rock through really hard times in saying goodbye to my other dog and was there to help Blue through the process of losing her best friend. She has done a great job in managing Blue’s health problems and Blue is currently living her best life because of it. I am so grateful that I found Dr. McGuire!
Megan J.

I was able to get an appointment in a very reasonable time. I walked in the door the day of my appointment we were taken care of immediately, didn’t have to wait 2hrs!! Already recommended Wildflower Vet to several people.
Kay H.

This was our first visit to Wildflower after moving to Brighton. Our intake/outtake with Martha & Valerie and exam room care from Jeri & Dr. McGuire was a wonderful, reassuring experience. We look forward to long-term care with Wildflower.
Carol W.

Very professional. Dr. Peterson was excellent and did a great job helping us with Rajah. Thank you.
Jim O.

We were recommended by a family member for our new puppy we brought into the family. Wildflower made sure we were both comfortable with great communication, professionalism, and our fur baby did amazing for our first visit. Thank you Wildflower!
Destiny F.

They were very through with me and everything going on with my fur baby. They were very gentle with her and made sure to take their time and be patient. I will never go to any other vet.

Skyler J.

We were from out of town, and you got us in within an hour of calling. Our dog had been bit in the eye and we were very worried but everyone made us feel better. Our dog is doing amazing thanks to Wildflower Veterinary Hospital. Thank you!!!
MaKentzee C.

The Tech & Dr. McGuire interacted with my puppy so well. They even sat in the floor with her for her puppy checkup & shots. Made her feel safe. Darcy didn’t want to leave!😆
Lila P.

Our vet and technicians are very friendly and knowledgeable. They were also very patient with our extremely excited puppy. We loved the cheese wiz trick too!
Traci B.

I have been looking for a Vet for my babies since arriving in Colorado 6 months ago and now I feel very confident that I have one that will take care of them.
Barbara S.

I loved the “living room” atmosphere that you had for Brandy’s visit. Very cool idea. I have already recommended WF.
Kristene E.

Being referred by our Vet, Dr. Shannon Rich, made us very comfortable and then the reception and conversations we had with the staff and Dr. McGuire totally put us at ease. We trust that Wildflower will take great care of Brewzer and his dental needs.

Patsy & Dan Ginsberg

Love the clean and friendly environment. Everyone was so nice!!

Dr. McGuire is the best vet EVER! She’s knowledgeable, compassionate, kind, and honest, with a great facility and amazing support staff. I drive to Wildflower from central Denver so my pets can get the best care possible!
Dustin A.

Thoroughness of the examination and clarity of the discussion with the examining vet. The follow-up was a clear indication of interest in the welfare of our dog which was very much appreciated.

Robert G.

I recently adopted a dog that needed to be rehomed. She went over all of the previous vet records with us and even emailed those records. Our new addition is healthy!
Michelle J.

Not your usual visit to the vet. You and your pet are greeted at the door. Dr. McGuire is amazing. She explains everything in layman’s talk so you totally understand your pet’s treatment options.

Cassandra C.

My pet’s usual Vet was not able to see her. When I called Wildflower they asked questions and even though they were short staffed and had no availability, they got her in. I really appreciate the fact that they took time to ask what was going on.

Dr McGuire and staff were attentive to all my concerns and provided care in a highly professional and caring manner…Love Dr McGuire…so happy she has her own practice!!!
Andrea W.

I felt I was taken care of in a timely manner, and Libby received good care during her appointment. I also liked the follow-up after the appointment because I had some questions and concerns.

Thanks for all your help in finding out what was wrong with Tiger in the first 5 minutes of you seeing him!!!
April A.

Vet and associates were so friendly, they sat on the floor to get acquainted with Lexi. It was all in my dog’s timing. Everyone explained everything and asked if I understood everything or if I had questions.
Darlene L.

My dogs didn’t even realize they were at the vet. Dr. McGuire got down on the ground with them and they thought they were there to play. They had no idea they were getting checkups and never even knew they got shots that day.

This was exactly what I was looking for. A vet that actually cares. After my dog got her shots, they actually took time to contact me to see how she is doing. You can tell that they care about your pet as if it was their own.

Connie B.

Dr. McGuire has been caring for our dog Bear as our primary vet for nearly 6 years. She is exceptional and we feel so lucky to have her.

I remember the first time I met Dr. McGuire. Bear had an x-ray done of his front leg- he’d been limping and we were trying to get to the bottom of it. I have anxiety and am especially triggered by anything medical- particularly when it pertains to our dog, who is the most important being to me aside from my husband, and I was terrified he had cancer or something equally dire. Dr. McGuire took me in the back room and showed me Bear’s x-ray, and compared it to the x-ray of a dog with a cancer diagnosis. She understood my concerns, and was empathetic, transparent, and matter-of-fact. Her style was so memorable that I knew I wanted her to be our vet forever. 

Today, she manages Bear’s unique health condition with tact and talent. I feel like she really cares about Bear, and it shows. Bear’s happiness, health, and overall quality of life are a huge testament to her skills as a vet. She’s even managed Bear’s care pro bono as she establishes her new practice. 

Again, I really don’t know what we’d do without her- which is why we will happily travel the 90 minutes to Brighton from Bailey for her services. 


Dr. McGuire is fantastic. I have complete trust in her to care for my pets, to listen to me during appointments, and to identify the best course of action when addressing any illness or issue. I never feel rushed during appointments and I always feel I’ve been given a clear range of options, without being steered toward more intensive or invasive procedures which I have felt at times with other doctors. My dogs are all happy and healthy seniors and I know I can count on Dr. McGuire to help me keep them that way!
Linda C.

Dr. McGuire and her entire staff are amazing! The patient room feels more like a home than a vet clinic. If you want quality care for your pet, with a vet that listens and explains, you really need to check them out!!
Kimberly W.

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